Custom Order - Cake Topper and Place Card Name Holders

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Wedding Cake topper for Christina and Pete
Made for my friend and fellow artists 
Photographer Leah Sparks for her daughter.
Super heroes: batman, superman, green lantern, 
and superwoman


custom order unicorn

Mini Party Favor Jars
(custom orders welcome for one jar or 100)


New Butterfly, Dragonfly, and Flower Jar lids

Display board for 5 jars - desk, dresser, vanity

Dragonfly Jar

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Jars

Sea Turtle Jars

Pink and Purple Flower Jars

Butterfly Jars

Ladybug Jar

Neon Florescent Rainbow Peace Sign

Frog Jar

Mini Jars, Glass with metal lids. Party favors, Wedding Favors or Candy dish. Paperclip office desk supplies storage.
Handmade from polymer clay - CUSTOM orders Welcome!
Ladybug, Dragonfly, Butterf;y, Sea Turtle, 
White Flower, Pink flower, Purple Lavender flower, Peace Sign, and Frog



Custom order April 2012
(9.5 inches long, 3 inches wide not including paddle, weighs 1 pound and 2 ounces)
I was asked to make a cake topper and I said " no. I don't do cake toppers". I actually paid a wonderful polymer clay artist who specializes in cake toppers for my own wedding cake topper. Personally I don't do "light weight" figurines. I get so caught up in the details and the project I feel it needs to be large enough to see and enjoy. So the customer talked me into "thinking about it" and doing it as a table adornment/ keep sake to be placed next to the cake. This is the "Cake Sider" I came up with. She sent me LOTS of pictures and detailed requests. 

Canoe, Bride and Groom in their favorite canoeing outfits, their dog Bailey a beautiful reddish brown and white freckle Springer Spaniel with the sweetest eyes and a red colar, dry packs of various size and colors lashed to the stay bars, cooler, a map in his lap, sunglasses for both but I opted to leave her cute face uncovered, his squirrel tail/goatee thingy, a earring in his left ear, name we-no-nah on the side of the canoe, the "yoke" in the middle of the canoe, and the paddles. His paddle was a Christmas gift from her and I did my best to match the pattern and coloring in the pictures. It received by them 04-28-12 and they called to say they loved it, no she couldn't keep it a secret from him, she was took excited to share it :)




Meet Bailey, she loves to ride up front with mom. 

Custom Order - Pageant Jar for Voting Ballots 
Suzelle Santos




To place an order email:  
(Please check your Spam folders for my response)  or call me 843-817-0258