Handmade from polymer clay. NO PAINTS USED.
I make all of my own "canes" to decorate the rings, then form the circle and bake them in my oven.
I love custom orders and can match a room or linen set color theme if you send me a good quality picture.

To place an order email:  
(Please check your Spam folders for my response)  or call me 843-817-0258

Custom Easter Salt and Pepper Shakers I made for my Mother :)

This has been a year in progress, as the first two tries cracked :(
15 inches
also matching mini salt and pepper shakers and corn on the cob holders

Team mates themed tissue box and curtain rod 
ends and tie back hooks for a nursery - 
you can find matching ceiling fan 
pulls and light switch plates on their respective pages


Wicked Playbill - these are all 3D playbill cards made from polymer clay - the letters are individually cut out and the designs are cut out and layered up for a 3D effect.
Check out the PLANT from the Little Shop of Horrors... :)

Lion King Playbill

The Phantom of the Opera Playbill

Little Shop of Horrors Playbill

Salt n Pepper Shaker inventory November 2013

Top of tissue box:

Hairspray, Rent, Grease, and Matilda Broadway shows

Salt n Pepper Shaker inventory November 2013

Salt n Pepper Shaker inventory November 2013

Peacock colors = Metallic Pearl Retro "cane" 
Cloud shaped Napkin Holder, matching 
Napkin Rings, and matching Large Salt and 
Pepper shaker and mini S&P shaker
Purple, copper, blue / dark turquoise, green, 
CUSTOM order 

Flower "cane" Cloud Shaped Napkin Holder and
matching S&P shakers
Pink flower, red flower, orange flower, 
green flower, yellow flower, purple flower
Custom Order

Beach Scene Napkin Holder and matching 
Salt n Pepper Shakers
Sea Horse, Sand Dollar, Sea Shell, Starfish, 
Hermit Crab
I have light switch plates to match!


Star Napkin Holder and 
matching S&P shaker
Red, White, and Blue Retro "cane" pattern

Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers
black and white, red, 
red white and blue, grey

Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers
pink, pastel, pink ribbon, sushi, 
multicolored retro canes

Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers
green, beige, watermelon, browns

Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers
Blue, striped, retro cane, Teal, turquoise





This is a metal tissue box covered in clay to match the beach scene light switches I make. The pictures on either side are my bathroom with flat button beach plates and beach decor. The tissue box looks awesome.

Custom orders welcome, what's your bathroom theme?


The first tissue box for my bathroom was a trial run for this custom order to match a customers eclectic Ocean Themed bathroom. All the critters, in their rich bright colors, on this plate and box are in his bathroom somewhere!

These 4 pictures are unglazed, the top one pops even more with the gloss coat on it. 

The Combo Double plate has been extended ONE extra Inch all the way around with clay for extra room, the wall space was pre-measured first for clearance.



To place an order email:  
(Please check your Spam folders for my response)  or call me 843-817-0258