All designs are molded from solid chunks of colored  Premo Polymer Clay. 
All designs are hand cut out with an Exacto knife and the patterns are layered up for a 3D effect.

I can make similar items and custom orders.
You can specify the number of switches, type of plug, or style of plate in your custom order.
I can match room decor, and personalize as well. 
Browse the custom orders on the main page for examples.

Due to litcensing requirements, professional sports logos are not offered. 

To place an order email:  
(Please check your Spam folders for my response)  or call me 843-817-0258


The next picture included switch plates for 4 
POTTERY BARN bedroom sets:
Vintage Baseball
Things That Go

Custom order to match a wall mural in a nursery.
The initial request was for pink bird fan pulls.
I offered a switch plate and designed it based on the
the white tree leaves and the dark
brown door frame. And I chose a bird house 
because there is already a cage.

Custom order police switch place and 
officer badge fan pull

Jungle Jill fan pulls, switch plates, and night light

Bedtime Originals by LLambs and Ivy 
switch plate and pulls

Different variations of switch plates and patterns 
of retro cane for the turtle design.

Chevron, polka dots, Giraffe, Elephant
Ceiling Fan Pulls

Alligator Light Switch Plates and
Ceiling Fan Pulls

Minecraft Lightswitch plate

Peek - a -Boo Monster

Paris Poodles Pink Hot Air Balloons

Jungle Jill GFI Light Switch plates

Personalized pirate triple with 
octopus, shark, ship, and fish!

Custom Turtle plate to match a mix match bathroom

Monkey GFI



John Deere Custom Order - 
tractor, barn, wheat, and corn

Pink Rose Pearls Rhinestones Ribbons and Ruffles

Custom order Flower and Lady Bug plates 
with Orange backgrounds


Martini Glass and Olives light 
switch plate


Custom made Drum Kit switch plate to match a drum set.
To make this fit a single switch plate I had to build the plate
out to one side. Notice in the picture to the left that there 
is only one flipper. Since there were so many small pieces
it needed a solid background, so I did not want anything hanging 
off the edges. I asked where the door frame was so I knew 
which direction to extend the plate and draft the design. 
I understand the young man played this particular drum set 
at a summer music camp at a particular college - he and his
mom were very happy I was able to make it work.

This custom order was made to match this painting - 
Painted by the customer and therefore I copied it w/
her permission! In the next photo you will see the "cane" I
made by layering all those colors in the white in a sort
of a pattern and then squished the white into the petal
shape. I make a light switch plate and had just
enough left for a fan pull.
She is planning on switching out her flipper to
a black one so the whole center is black.

This plate was design for the customer based
on the fan pulls she bought for her son's room:
lizard and surf board. She said they had a set of 
grey lockers in the room so that got the background

This is the same "cute jungle babies" theme but in the regular toggle plate.

The custom order to the left is a modification of this "cute jungle babies" design. I do not think they offered the GFI style plate. I don't think it is a bedding set, just a room decor set. The baby's sex is a surprise so the colors are all bright and neutral. I rearranged the animals to take up more room on the plate. Mommie also ordered 8 outlet safety plugs and instead of repeating two animals since there are 6: zebra, tiger, lion, giraffe, monkey, and elephant....we added a hippo and alligator to the plug set.

Busy Builder Construction Bedding 
Set by Pottery Barn

What type of plates do you have?
It is helpful when ordering to know this information. 

This goes with the Busy Builder Set, however it is not 
an exact match. So I had to do some internet 
searching for a better look at the vehicles.
It is a Construction themed shower curtain with name personalization from an Etsy vendor listed above.


The last piece of this customers order 
is a logger bedroom set, 7 outlets and a double switch plate. I've done this one before in a single so the double just gave me more room to work with and a bit bigger truck and lumber jack.

Italian themed light switch plate: Gondola, 
Rialto Bridge, Grapes, and Wine Bottle

Dinosaur Light Switch Plate and ceiling fan pulls

Custom Order Space Rocket, planets, and Alien Set
Knobs, Ceiling Fan Pulls, Light Plate

Custom order Train set
Burgundy red Engine and Navy blue car

Jellybean Jungle Bedding Set
Lion, hippo, giraffe, zebra, and lion.

Jungle Buddies by Bedtime Originals
Elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, and monkey 
design from the comforter.

Custom order John Deere Set
Light Plates, Outlet covers, and cable outlet.
Corn, wheat, tractor, and red barn.

Anastasia Cream Roses with pearls 
and rhinestones

Custom order for a Terracotta Heart with Black Plaid and a 
Black Star with Terracotta dots and 2 switch plates to match. I had fun 
with this one, since I did not have a specific design to copy and just asked 
for matching plates. I decided not to glaze the plate so the terracotta would not be glossy. Her toggles are black so I filled in the edges with a black 
paint pen so no white shows in the screw holes etc. 

new design Princess Light Switch Plates and Girlie 
Mezuzahs with hearts, flowers, and butterflies

Teammates by Bedtime Originals
Ceiling Fan pull - hippo and elephant
Night Light Monkey
Switch Plate with lion and basket ball, monkey
and baseball, hippo and football, and elephant 
with soccer ball - all from the comforter.

Teammates by Bedtime Originals
Tissue Box - all four sides different - baseball,
basketball, soccer, and football.
Curtain tie back hooks with football and soccer ball.
Curtain rod Finial ends with basketball and baseball.

Teammates by Bedtime Originals
Tissue Box - all four sides different - baseball,
basketball, soccer, and football.
Curtain tie back hooks with football and soccer ball.
Curtain rod Finial ends with basketball and baseball.


Kite ceiling fan pulls with polka dot bows on colored
ribbons. The kites match a bedding quilt kite with beach 
balls on it and a wall art kite with stars on it. The curtain 
has polka dot, striped, and checkered flags on it. 
All were made by a Grandmother for a room for her 
grandkids who are 3 and 5 yrs old.


Custom order Sweet Potato LULU by 
Glenna Jean.

Picture of plate on customers beautiful purple wall!

Serena and Lily "Dylan" Bumper w/ elephants, owls,
alligators, giraffes, snails, stars and a moon.
Custom "Gift" for my cousin in laws new baby room.

Custom order for a Cardinal and Bee Nursery.

These are the canvases the customer for the below wall art clay pieces created. 
I gave her the animals and leaves and she had fun.


Custom order
Jungle Buddies by Bedtime Originals

Jungle Buddies by Bedtime Originals
This is Wall Art Pieces on a large poster board: Monkey, 
Lion, Giraffe, Elephant, and lots of leaves.
The Mommy to be is going to put each animal on a canvas
arrange some leaves around them and add words.

Doc McStuffins , Lamb, Hippo, Dragon

Custom order Organic Elephants to match 
bedding set made by Etsy seller:



Custom order - Starlight Bedding Set by Glenna Jean
This one came out very classy looking with 3D patterns 
off the Quilt and I added the shaggy bear 
from the mobile. Customer did not want ceiling
fan pulls but I think a two different size two toned
stars or a star and a bear would look great.

Boston Terrier Custom order - 
for a very creative mommy who based
the room on a fabric swatch which she made a lamp 
and wall art with. I made the switch plate, 
dresser knobs, and ceiling fan pulls in the very
nice contrasting colors of navy blue and
bright lime green

Custom order - to match the 
CoCaLo Peek - A - Boo Monster 
baby crib bedding set


Custom order - a new lion to go with the 
newest version of my jungle switch plate

Custom order - yellow background instead
of the green I normally do. Flower colors were mixed
at the time I made the plate - they are brighter than
the pastels from the package

Custom order - teal sea turtle switch plates
teal safety plugs with turtles and white anchors

Rock Star Monkey Carter Bedding
Switch plate, Night Light, 
Safety Plugs, anf Fan Pulls

Custom order Police Plate USA flag, 
badge, bullets, glock gun, police line do not cross tape, 
and black and blue ribbon.

Atom Periodic Table Elements Science DNA
Scientist Flask Experiment
My younger nephew and I discussed what
he'd like on his new plate and I added the table.
This is NOT painted, I cut out each section
of the periodic table from clay and pieced it together
like a puzzle. 

Camouflage American Eagle Red White 
and Blue Shield Light Switch Plate.
My older nephew wants to go to West Point
and the entire family is into hunting so I combined 
the two ideas. Came out very nicely. 

Jungle Jill by Carter
Pink and Green and Brown
Giraffe, Monkey, Zebra, and elephant


Mommie had "baby brain" and ordered the wrong 
plates (the left GFI ones) so I did a rush 
remake a week before her due date!

We also discussed the light not being 
bright enough from across the room,
so I did research on a new version and above 
is the new night light.
Check out the night light and safety plug 
page for a back view.

New turtle plates

Jungle Jill by Carter Double Switch Plate


Custom order orange, navy blue, brown, and white pattern. 
She put one on an orange wall and the other on a tan wall.

Love the orange wall!

Space Monkey Themed Bedroom - glow in the dark stars

Transportation Switch Plates
Helicopter chopper automobile
 rocket ship sail boat train

Multi Sport Switch Plates
soccer football hockey baseball basket ball 

GFI large button plate was a custom order, and the 
others are for stock and not glazed yet.
Matching fan pull choices, I also have a bat and can make 
hockey sticks and pucks

All things beach! Napkin holder, tissue box, salt and pepper shaker,
mezuzah, soap dispense, light switch plates.
I can also do shower hooks, and tooth brush cups 
(I have some waiting to be decorated that I got at the IKEA!)

The picture is a o tile mural in a customers kitchen.
I matched the "water" to the outer blue tile. These will be 
going on opposite beige walls to the mural.

Frog Switch plates

New Green Teal Stock Sea Turtle Plates

Ballerina Ballet

Peace Love Hippies!

Sea Turtle Light Switch Plates on a 
marbled, green, blue, yellow 
background with texture for depth.
(all of this pattern are sold out)

Sea Turtle Switch Plates on a Blue 
Background textured with swirls
Matching fan pull ideas, Turtle, Dolphin, 
Sea shells, Beach Scene, 
and coordinating Surf Board

I have several color backgrounds for the ladybugs, 
white, pink, black and a pale pink 
that was actually Fimo white but 
baked too long and turned pinkish :)

Nautical Switch plates and matching fan pulls.
Anchor, Sail boat, and life preserver.
Red, white, and Blue themed.

Carter Safari Sky Light Switch Plate - 
yellow giraffe and light blue elephant 
match the quilt. Green Giraffe 
fan pull and Navy blue elephant match 
the rug from the baby room set

Pirate Light switch plates and matching fan pulls 
New July 2013
Sword, Pirate flag, skull and cross bones, wheel,
ship, and red sails

Daisy Light Switch to match quilt in next 
picture for a baby room.
Pastel Colors - lavender, light pink, light blue, 
peach / light orange, white, light yellow

New July 2013 Fire Fighter, Fireman Switch 
Plates and matching Fire Truck and Fire Hydrant 
Ceiling Fan Pull
Decorated with a fire truck / fire engine, fire hydrant, 
fire extinguisher, fireman's red helmet, axe, 
blazing fire, yellow hose, and water splash.
Available on my Etsy page:

New July 2013 a new Police Ribbon Ceiling 
Fan Pull to match the Police switch plates 
and Police Car Fan Pull.
Law Enforcement Awareness Ribbon
Black and Blue 


Custom order Logger Outlet  Plate 
to match previously ordered Switch Plate.
This time the parts were a vintage Saw, 
a vintage John Deere chain saw, and 
Logger boots - Cork Boots

Custom order Logger Switch Plate
For a customer who's child likes log trucks, 
owls, and watching Axe Men on history channel. 
They are having the room done in vintage log trucks.
The picture of the vintage 1951 Federal Log Truck
 was borrowed with permission from 
a photographer on Flickr


Music Notes Light Switch Plate
White Symbols, Black background
Treble Clef, Eighth Note, Base Clef, Sharp, 
Quarter Note



Custom Order Blue and Brown 
Music Notes and Trumpet Light Switch Plate 
to match bedding in next picture.


Piano Keys and Music Notes Triple Switch Plate
Custom Order - Installed

Piano Keys and Music Notes Switch Plate
Music Notes Cabinet / Drawer Knobs

Ladybug Light Switch Plates
Ladybug Cabinet Drawer Knobs
and Ceiling Fan Pulls

Dolphin Light Switch Plate

Space ship, astronaut, glow in the dark stars, 
and saturn switch plate

Police Car Switch Plate
Police Tape, Yellow Do Not Cross Police Line
Police Shield Badge, Black and Blue Ribbon


Round'em Up Bedding Set - Cow, Horse


Train Set Light Switch Plate
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow Primary Colors
Railroad Crossing Sign and Lights

Eddie Bauer Construction Bedding - 
Dump Truck and Bull Dozer

Custom Order for a tractor and laborador themed room.

Custom Order Peek a Boo Monster Bedroom 
with a Chevron comforter seen in next picture.


Custom Order Ladybug Plate on a White 
Textured background and 5 white textured outlet 
covers. These are to match the previously ordered 
ceiling fan pulls.

Sea Turtle Fan Pulls and Plates made 
from my own created canes.



Black and Silver Horse Light Switch Plate and matching Ceiling Fan Pulls

Custom order for granddaughters.

Custom Order to match a painting by C Keswick

Custom Order for gold Bamboo Leaves

Noah's Ark Custom Order Single Button Switch plate, 
to match customer's previous order for Noah's Ark Mezuzah. 
I also have giraffe and elephant ceiling fan pulls to match.

This was a custom set for my Brother-In-Law 
Jonathan Burckhalter. 
The two sides of the medal are in the bottom portion of the picture.
All polymer clay - no paint....lots of tiny details

paint palette, paint brush, paint splotches

Space, Astronaut, Saturn, Rocket Ship, 
Glow in the Dark Light Switch Plates.
Matching Saturn and Rocket Ship Ceiling Fan Pulls

Sunflower Light Switch Plates

Handyman Carpenter Tools Light Switch Plates
Tool Box, Hammer, Saw, Adjustable Wrench, Double Sided Wrench, Screw Driver, and Ruler

Giraffe and Elephant light switch plates

Drum Percussion Cymbal Sticks Light Switch Plates
Matching music ceiling fan pulls.

Giraffe and Monkey light switch plates

Giraffe Monkey and Elephant light switch plates
Each time I made one it came out slightly different, 
I was experimenting with the placement of the animals

Giraffe Monkey and Elephant light switch plates

Deer silhouette light switch plate - Mallard duck, Browning Deer, I also have a bass fish fan pull on the ceiling fan pull page.

Hunter - Hunting - Forest themed - Man Cave

Giraffe Monkey and Elephant light switch plates

This is a custom order for a firearms training instructors classrooms - 
gift from his wife for Christmas.

Guns Guns Guns Riffles

More guns... Uzi, NRA bird, target ring

Gun light switch plate, USA flag, yellow ribbon, bullets,
bullet cartridge, gun

Piano Switch plate, drum fan pull, 
keyboard fan pull, 
treble clef fan pull, music notes fan pull

Princess light switch plates, wand, crown, hearts, 
little princess.
Wand fan pull, crown fan pull

Lady Bug switch plates and fan pulls

This one is in my front hall - it replaced an older model one I made
 for my husband a few years ago.

Guitar music light switch plate

Crabby Beach plate donated to Trident Cancer Center to match the crab painting in their bathroom.

Cancer Ribbon Plates donated to Trident Cancer Center

Custom order - SOHO Train Crib Bedroom set.
Train Light Switch Plates that match the
trains in the blanket. Matching Train and Star Ceiling 
Fan Pulls

Music Notes and Piano Keys Single Switch Light
Plate with matching Music Notes Ceiling Fan Pull
and Treble Clef Ceiling Fan Pull - custom order

Custom Order - Lady Bug Light Switch Plate 
and Ceiling Fan Pulls

Sailor Bear Light Switch Plate and Bear Ceiling Fan Pulls that match the picture provided by customer.


To place an order email:  
(Please check your Spam folders for my response)  or call me 843-817-0258