To place an order email: michellemathis@claycreationsbymichelle.com  
(check your spam folder for my response)
or call me 843-817-0258

Flamingo Mezuzah
Beach Scene 

Penguin Mezuzah
Black and White Checkered

Ballerina Dancer 
Pink Retro Pattern

New design 04/2018


Cheerleading Mezuzah
Teal Turquoise and White

Cheerleading Mezuzah
Pink Mauve Burgundy and White

Dog Silhouette Mezuzah
Green Retro Pattern

Dog Silhouette Mezuzah
Turquoise Teal Retro Pattern

Anchor Mezuzah
USNA colors gold white navy blue
United States Naval Acadamy

Cat Silhouette Mezuzah
Purple Green and Tan

Cat Silhouette Mezuzah
Orange Yellow Gold

Dolphin Silhouette Mezuzah
Blue Retro Pattern

Custom order Wedding Mezuzah
The customer who ordered it is a repeat customer :) Thank you!
And she was so excited and happy about it she wanted something for herself
and her husbands 10 year anniversary.....see next picture.


She gave me a few Wedding pictures and we 
decided since she did not need a Mezuzah I would 
make a cake topper / collectable she could display in 
curious cabinet etc

Vintage Pirate Ship Menorah
This was a custom order for a child - the parents wanted something 
not baby-like for him to enjoy for a few years.
I am pretty awed and proud of how this came out.
The next picture shows the picture on the web I used for my inspiration 
and how close I came to it. We changed a few thing and they 
only made the design better!

All of my Menorahs come with a box of 
candles, a set of metal washers to help catch the wax, and a set of LED lights 
to use instead.

Sea Horse Menorah


Green Spiraled Lizard  
Gecko Menorah

Dove Menorah

Blue Grey and White 
Elephant Menorah

Another custom order.....I'm not typing the movie name intentionally. :)

Humming Bird Menorah

Pink Burgundy and Mauve 
Baby Bird Menorah

Shofar Horn Menorah

Sea Turtle Menorah

Multi-Sport Menorah on a green arrow (painted wood base). 
Soccer, football, baseball, hockey, volley ball, basket ball

New Lady Bug and Bee mixed Menorah on 
green painted wood base.

Flip flop Menorah with Orange sun and blues and orange sandels 

Yellow sun with various colored flip flops

My display boards

The lower bar under each set is painted with black chalk 
paint so I can put prices up during shows, and 
wipes and change as I move them around 
or sell one and replace with something else.

1950's Mezuzah - custom order. A gift from customers to the owner of the B&B

Seahorse Mezuzah

Baby Pink Birds Mezuzah - this went home with a family that liked Flamingos because they looks pretty close lol

Star Trek and Eagle Scout Mezuzah -
 custom order

This is my second 
Veterinary Mezuzah, this one 
stayed in the USA and they 
are her personal animals - 
a gift from mom.

Hockey Mezuzah - 
custom colors

White Daisy Flower Mezuzah 

Exercise Room Running Cyclist Mezuzah
Movie Room Film and Popcorn Mezuzah
Custom set for an Anniversary gift :)

Swtich plate to match Planes, 
Trains, and Auto Mezuzah

Wasabi green case with peach, 
teal, and fuchsia daisy flowers

New Sun Flower Mezuzah

Custom order Space Mezuzah w/ 
Grey marbled background
and black strip - no blues

and lots of glow in the dark stars!

Cat Kitten Vet Animal Mezuzah 

Dog Puppy Pet Mezuzah 

Lizard Gecko Mezuzah 

Teal Sea Turtle Mezuzah


Peacock Teal Blue 
Gibson Guitar Menorah 

Sea Horse Menorah


Sea Horse Menorah


Elephant Menorah 

Red, Black, and White Dog Menorah 

Gold Spiral Dog Menorah 

Anchor  Menorah 
Red White and Blue
Military Nautical Navy

Red Black and White Cat Menorah

Green and White Cat Menorah

Grey and White Cat Menorah

Blue and White Cat Menorah

Wood working Custom order for 
A Wood Workers new Shed
 Mezuzah - hammer and nails, saw, 
chisel set and wood shaving curls,
electric drill w/ wood block, 
screw driver, measuring tape 

Space, Science Mezuzah
Laboratory, DNA, Atom, 
glow in the dark stars,
flasks and beaker,  
and microscope


Space, Science Mezuzah
Laboratory, space rocket ship, 
Atom, e = mc 2,
flasks and beaker,  
and telescope


Space, Science Mezuzah
Laboratory, DNA, Atom, 
glow in the dark stars,
flasks and beaker


Tool Handyman Wood working
 Mezuzah - hammer, saw, pliers,
electric drill, screw driver, wrench

Black and White 
Music Notes Mezuzah

Purple and Copper
Music Notes Mezuzah

Burgundy, gold, and pearl
Music Notes Mezuzah


Tennis Mezuzah to match the orange racket in the Bat Mitzvah Invite

Tennis Mezuzah w/ tennis
court background



Pink Ribbon Menorah - this one was
 commissioned for a multiple time repeat
 customer who was going through cancer
 treatment. I never sent the invoice, 
just sent them as a gift.

Pink Ribbon Menorah



 Ski Menorah


This is a 8 piece Daycare order for animal names rooms


Lamb Sheep Mezuzah

Kangaroo Mezuzah

Zebra Mezuzah

 Zebra & Giraffe Mezuzah

Baby Duck Yellow Mezuzah

Mallard Duck Mezuzah

Peter Rabbit Mezuzah

Bunny Rabbit Mezuzah

Place card holder for a 
Peace Love Paws Themed
Bat Mitzvah

Veterinary Clinic custom 
order gift for a brother in law 
in Israel

I had made a heart of the tail - 
but she didn't think it would be 
his cup of tea LOL

Custom order for rustic 
nautical baby room

I made a replica rustic 
nautical mezuzah
without baby name

Gifter sister-in-law and Giftee Veterinarian

Vet Clinic Doorway Israel

Horse Equestrian Mezuzah


Hip Hop Mezuzah - boom box, dancer,
microphone, turntable, music notes

Oboe Menorah

Giraffe w/ Leopard 
print Menorah


Acoustic Menorahs

Owl Menorah

Owl  Menorah

Fox Menorah

Dove Menorah

Teal Lizard Gecko Menorah

Butterfly Menorah

Checkered, Spiraled, Retro "Canes"  I made for Mezuzahs, Menorahs, and Flushers :)

Penguin Menorahs

Fox Mezuzah

Law Legal Lawyer Paralegal 
Judge Mezuzah Scales of Justice

Gold, Silver, and Pearls 
Metallic Hamsa Ornaments

Hamsa Ornaments 
Pinks and Greens 
w/ rhinestones

Jekyl and Hyde Broadway 
Playbill Mezuzah

Fall Autumn Leaves
Gold Bronze Metallic
Pearl Copper Turquoise

Sea Turtle Turquoise Menorah

Gibson Guitar Menorah - Deep Purple


Gibson Guitar Menorah - Blue and Black

Cat Menorah in 
Red, Black, and White
The Cat's Meow!

Cat Menorah in Blue Retro Pattern

Red, White and Blue
Anchor Sailor Military Menorah

Hamsa Hamesh Khamsa Chamsa

Sea Turtle Sea Life Menorah

Vines and Leaves on a
 pearly purple background

Treble Clef Music Note

Space Ship Rocket Mezuzah
Glow in the Dark Stars  

Baby Mezuzah customized 
w/ family dog and 
lavender teddy

Customized Wedding gift
Dog - Springer Spaniel
Apples - New York
Orange - Florida
Pear - Perfect Pair
The Shield from the school they met @

Hamsa Mezuzah

Drama Theater Comedy and Tragedy Masks


Custom order for 
drama / Broadway and Film
Favorite color Green


Texas Blue Bonnet

Elephant Mezuzah to match
by Brooks bedding

Peek-A-Boo Monster

Blue Ibanez Guitar Menorah and
Starburst design fade attempt :)

Monkey Mezuzah

Owl Mezuzahs

Cardinal Mezuzah

Dog Paw Print Peace Bone Heart

Giraffe Mezuzah

Shofar, Dove, Star of David

Star of David, Shofar Horn, 
Dove, Chalice Cup




Frog on a tree Mezuzah

Plane, Train, Automobile Mezuzah

Film Movie Theater Mezuzah

Broadway, Drama, Musical,
Playbill, Theater themed
customized Mezuzahs

Hockey and Ballet

Basketball Irish

Doctor Medical Physician
caduceus, stethoscope, needle,
blood pressure cuff

Computer MAC PC iPhone iPad Shuffle

Flute Mezuzah

Saxophone Mezuzah

Wizard of OZ

Tree of Life








My work studio guard cat! Tiger



Physical Therapy PT Medical Menorah
Custom order that took me a while to figure out
what exactly I could do. Came out Great!

Lady Bug Mezuzah 

Lawyer Menorah - new version 2015 December with the cups raised.

Law Menorah - 
lawyer, judge, legal secretary, paralegal 
Law Books, Scales of Justice, Brief case, 
and Gavel on a brown "desk" base


I aim to please!

Custom request for a set of


I designed it like the sea turtle family. Momma pig with 
8 babies in the mud. The request was for bright colors, 
so the mud is white and tan swirled, the grass lime green 
and the flowers pastel. I was afraid to make the fence out of clay 
and it break in transit once packed and shipped or over time it 
breaking from handling. I found these bendable wood and wire fences 
at the craft store that can  be set around the menorah and removed 
and stored.

Lizard / Gecko Menorah in retro teal and gold "cane"

New design 2015



DOLPHIN MENORAH - 3 variation made after the first 
design. The lower one with the Stars of David under the 
cups was a custom order and is sold.


Lizard / Gecko in a retro teal 
"cane" pattern on a wood grain 

Snow capped mountains, river 
stream w/ rocks, and a deer.

Japanese or Oriental looking 
Flower Mezuzah in red or black

Hamsa Menorah 


Southern Utah Desert Arches w/ the red 
orange gold "waves" in the rocks

Customize her however you like.

Earth, Recycle symbol green
arrows, windmills, and a leaf shin

 TEXAS - Another version, 
this time with a horse shoe

Yellow base w/ white Lilies





Custom order - new design. Came out very kewl.

The pink one was seen by that customer's friend,
and I got an order for another one with in days.

New Sea Turtle Menorah
this one has a green, brown and turquoise 
shell on turquoise water



I am trying out some new silhouette pattern Menorahs
my first was a Dove, this is a Metallic Dog Menorah

Metallic Dog Menorah with all LED lights

Movie Room themed Mezuzah - 
the letters in the film strip are the 
first letter of each of their 4 children.
NYC New York City 
Themed Mezuzah 

That one generate a 2nd 
version w/ a subway train  
for another customer.

This was a custom order that took several back and forth 
emails to collaborate with the Mommie to match the design 
of the baby room. I used the spare parts - 
extra case and darker butterflies to make an additional Mezuzah. 
The right one is currently available on my Etsy.

New Gibson Guitar Menorah with Music notes
on the face

Photography Mezuzah
This was a custom order for a dad's studio from his daughter. 
I did a lot of google searching for pictures and came up with a draft
she approved....then went blind following through!

More versions of the Ski Mezuzah

Custom Mezuzah order for The Purple Bow Gift Shop
The two above are for the front and back door, they are
beds of roses in different shades of purple and then
two large double bows similar to the logo of the shop.

The other four Mezuzah were specific to the rooms they
led to. I sketched out my ideas first then created them. 
Sketches below to see how close I got to my drawings.
My goal for the overall order was based on the
shops name "the purple bow" to have all the bases
be a shade of purple and for each one to have a 
purple bow on it....can you find the purple bows?

Baby Mezuzah - Boy or Girl with pink, 
purple, green, purple, blue, little feet print and
 rubber duck

Electronic Mezuzah made for a 
Go Pro Camera fan. There is a GoPro Camera 
hooked to the laptop, a mouse hooked to the laptop, 
and  an iphone with big external speakers.

New Tardis Mezuzah


Custom order for a Mom/Dad Mezuzah
Mom like Sewing and Knitting so I have a sewing machine, scissors,
 yarn ball, and blanket. Dad likes crossword puzzles and plays piano. 
So mom is sewing a piano quilt and left her knitting project 
laying on dad's puzzle! I was asked if I could make the yarn spell the shin. 
From a repeat customer. I love new challenges - Thank you :)


Custom order for a Ski House
Skis, Ski poles, Ski boot, and Snow Flakes.


C F Martin Wood Grain Menorah

Gibson Blue Menorah with "cut outs"

Gibson Red Menorah with Ivory Trim

Dark Blue Electric Fender Guitar Menorah

Green Electric Fender Guitar Menorah

Navy Blue and White 
Dreidel w/ stand

Teal / Turquoise and White
Dreidel w/ stand

Gold, and Teal 
Dreidel w/ stand

Green, Turquoise, Pearl, and 
Tan Dreidel w/ stands

Bumble Bee / Angry Bee Mezuzah

Mezuzah to match the Anastasia Cream 
baby crib set
Pearls and Rhinestones imbedded in punk roses 
with cream ruffles

Modified Menorah with raised cups away from the clay. 
f you burn yours and want it modified I will repair and 
raise the cups at no charge. I will also send you shipping 
costs for return. You can use metal washers to catch any 
falling wicks that might burn the clay. I will also provide 
LED lights free if you prefer not to use candles at all.

Fender with raised cups.



Hamsa Wall Ornaments


Piano Menorah Gold Music Notes

Piano Menorah Silver Music Notes

Hamsa Menorah

Drama Comedy Tragedy Masks Mezuzah

Dove Menorah

Red Black and White Salt and Pepper Menorah 

Sea Turtle Menorah with blue water

Movie themed Mezuzah : tape reel, camera, tape roll, ticket

Lily Flower Mezuzah with lavender purple base.

Tardis Dr Who Sonic Screw Driver Mezuzah

Bull Dawg Mezuzah Football themed

Piano / Keyboard and Music Notes Menorah


Piano / Keyboard and Music Notes Menorah

Broadway, Drama Mask - Comedy and Tragedy, 
Top Hat with light pink and hot pink accents.

Menorah - Sea Turtle

Menorah - Flower Bed, Daisy

Menorah - turquoise, fuchsia, gold, purple, pink, and blue




This is a custom order Airplane Jetliner 
style Mezuzah from a Dad to his son on his birthday! 
To go on the doorpost of his business.

Custom order - soccer and hockey Mezuzah

Acworth Georgia 2014 booth display
Menorahs, Dreidels, Mezuzahs, Dress/Cabinet knobs, Wall Art, 
Beach themed Tissue  Box, Tooth Brush Holder, 
Soap Dispenser, and Shower Hooks.

Flameless Tea light Menorah

He is soo curious!
Star of David Shaped Menorah
Flameless - used LED battery operated light
Candles - uses the small menorah candles
Metallic - gold, silver, bronze

Star of David Shaped Menorah
Flameless - used LED battery operated light
Candles - uses the small menorah candles
Purple, green, turquoise, silver, and pearl white

I had a request for a fun military / americana, 
red white and blue Mezuzah. So I made 3 for her
to choose from and she purchased the first one. 
I will make more, email me for yours :)

Japanese Style Mezuzah
Pink and White Flowers

New Sushi "cane" October 2013


This is my second Squid Menorah and the customer 
requested flameless candles for the child it was being given to.
I made it with the small candle cups that can be used with 
LED lights now and candles later when he gets older.
October/November 2013

Happy Hanukkah! 

Deer Mezuzah

Blue Bonnet Texas Mezuzah  - sold


I sold the first 3 Dreidels I made and 
have not had time to make more! Till now :)
Red and black, turquoise and pink, and teal retro.
Custom orders welcome - what's your color?


Sea Turtle Mezuzah

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Mezuzahs

Mezuzah's displayed at the Yellow Daisy Festival
 in Georgia Stone Mountain Park September 2013

Flameless Candle Flower Shaped Florescent Menorah - 
can use real tea light candles as well.


Custom Order Squid Menorah for a 
Squid Collecting family with Silver cups.

Approximately 8x10 in size. 
It has a felt bottom to keep table top safe.

Made almost entirely from from polymer 
clay, however the base shape under the lower
part is a small round top light bulb, and the base
shape under the upper body is a candelabra shaped
light bulb and some filler foil to keep the overall 
weight down and to give it a even starting shape.

The Retro "Cane" was made by me.
The colors chosen were 
Pearl purple ( Barney purple she called it!), 
Pearl white, Turquoise, Silver, and 
Pearl green ( shiny lime color )

Custom order Squid Menorah 
Candelabra Candle Holder

Jewish Hanukkah Tradition

Customer promised to send a picture of it 
fully light on the last day - so we will have 
to wait till then as I wanted them to be the 
first to light any of the candles and say 
the proper blessing with the lightings.

I  am popular in Texas this past few weeks! 
New custom order Texas State themed Mezuzah 
with a Longhorn, chili pepper, cowboy boot, 
cowboy hat, Texas map with red white and 
blue sections with a star and a shin. The one to the 
right is an extra, email me if interested :) - sold

This Mezuzah is for a Boat named Ophira (towards Ophir)
which is a biblical reference to Hirams ship that brought gold, 
precious jewels, and sandal wood from Ophir. I drafted the "map" of 
where Ophir was though to be in the bend of the Red Sea. The jewels 
are crystals imbedded in the water. The sandal wood branch has leaves, berries and red flowers. The ship at the top is in the shape
of and represents the shin, where the three columns of sails and 
the  boat are "W" shaped. There is gold on the ship and to the right 
on the land where Ophir is thought to be. I did google searches and 
collected information, my custom says Ophir's location has never 
been confirmed. He promises a picture of the Mezuzah once it is 
installed on his father's boat.

Custom ordered as a gift for someone who works for
NASA. The request was something to do with Space and 
I gave several sketch options. 
Space Shutter Endeavour is the one they chose.


Custom order Panda Bear and 
Bamboo Mezuzah

Custom order Texas Mezuzah with Beige 
background and chili pepper instead of the cactus.

Texas Mezuzah with white background
and chili pepper instead of cactus- made 
by mistake (I forgot they wanted beige!)
However I sold this one less than a week
later :)


My Acoustic Brown Guitar Mezuzah 
has joined a collector's wall. This is a large window 
see through from the living room to the kitchen.


More Mezuzahs on the other side of
her window.

05-2013 Mezuzah - yellow, blue, fuchsia 
spiral and target canes

05-2013 Mezuzah - yellow, blue, violet
spiral and target retro cane

05-2013 Mezuzah / SOLD custom order
Yellow, Blue, Fuchsia marbled clay

05-2-13 Mezuzah
Mint Aqua green marbled with pastel pinks, 
purple and blue

05-2013 Mezuzah
Black clay around marbles scrap pastel clay - 
feather patterned or scale patterned?

5-2013  Mezuzah 
Striped Blue pearl, light blue pearl, 
and white pearl blends.


DREIDEL new 05-08-2013 
These are are 2.5 inch wooden dreidels covered in a polymer clay flower "cane" made by me.
They came out beautifully and I wanted them to be able to be used and or displayed 
by collectors, adults, and kids. I only made 3 and they will be for sale at the Dunwoody show this 
I could not decide which base, I love the Star of David base, but some might like the simpler 
smaller bases, so each one includes all three bases.
They come in a gift box and have the explanation and rules for the Dreidel Game.


Realistic Sea Turtle Themed light plates, fan pulls, and Mezuzahs


Noah's Ark Mezuzahs x 3 
(The glazed one is sold and the 
other two have been glazed and are ready for sale))


This is what is under the animals on the Noah's Ark Mezuzahs


Bear Mezuzah, custom order for a Happy Bear themed cabin.
You can have a persons name, a family name 
or welcome on the board.

The first order generated 3 more, 
one for a camping themed
baby room, and 2 for a customer with a cabin
 and a gift for her friend

Custom order by a Family as a Thank You gift for the use of a Cousin's Cabin in the NC Mountains. The request
was for something with pine trees and indigenous animals. I provided 6 sample sketches with ranges from the cabin
on it, deer head and or bear, mountains, and waterfall versions. We settled on the Snow Capped Mountains, Pine Trees,
Waterfalls, River Rocks, and originally a bear drinking the water but the deer looked better in the space.

Custom Order Texas Themed Mezuzah
A gift for a Texas family moving to Israel.
Boot, Cactus, Hat, and the State of Texas shape in 
Red, White, and Blue

Drama Theater Mezuzah Cover


Colors available as of 01-2013
Electric Guitar Mezuzahs
black, peacock, candy pink, green, dark purple, red, 
pearl blue (last of the larger style)


Very cute Ballerina Teddy Bear Mezuzahs in 
Candy Pink and Pearly Purple


Polymer Clay "cane" made for my handmade Sushi Mezuzah. I am the original source 
for the Sushi Mezuzah and I whole sale them to shops and websites like Mezuzah Master 
who markets them better than me and sells them to Restaurants/Businesses.

These are One of a Kind, each one comes out slightly different shaped and the cane/picture 
portion is the same until I have used up the cane then I create a new one. The canes never 
come out the same either :)

Basketball MEZUZAH
Tank top Jersey, Sneakers, Ball, Hoop, and Net

 Basketball MEZUZAH Demo

Me making the Basketball MEZUZAHS

Baseball MEZUZAH - unbaked/unglazed
Pictures mound, baseball fied, bat, ball, glove, and helmet

Girl and Boy Themed Mezuzahs
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Hearts, Butterflies, and Flowers


Sports Equipment MEZUZAH 

Soccer MEZUZAH - unbaked/unglazed
Goalie net, soccer ball, and cleats along with soccer field lines.

Football MEZUZAH - unbaked/unglazed
Helmet, Star of David, Football, Goal Post, Yard lines on green field.

Drum Set MEZUZAH (oops its upside down!)
Saxophone MEZUZAH

These came out awesome, if I don't say so myself!

What instrument do you play? 

These are not glazed yet and are part of an order for a gift shop in New York. 
Only one of the Sax's is available, but I can make more!


These are not glazed yet, they were also made for the NY gift shop order. 
Only the middle one is sold.


Music Notes MEZUZAH, Treble Clef and varies symbols of all different styles.
These were very fun to make, I decided as I went what would go where.

These are not glazed yet.

More musical ones for the NY order, I'm told it's a very musical congregation. 
The gold one and the single treble clef on black are sold.



The NY shop order 2 but I made several because I was out of stock. 
These are not glazed yet.

I consider this to be my signature Mezuzah, 
I love seeing my images when I do a Google search.

But now I have those musical instruments and I am sure
 they will be a big hit :)


SUSHI MEZUZAH - fits up to a 4 inch scroll inside a protective plastic tube with a water tight cap.


Sushi Mezuzah and Beach Mezuzah - custom order for resale.


Noah's Ark Mezuzah Cover

This one incorporated a lot of "cane" work. The water is a blue retro "cane" pattern. The zebra is a simple striped cane. 
The sun is a yellow and orange retro "cane". The giraffe is a polka dot "cane".
We have lions and tigers and (no bears sorry) pigs and elephants, and doves and zebras and giraffes along with the sun, rainbow, and ocean. 
You can't see it but they are all on top of a boat with it's little cabin/house roof under the Shin.
This was my first one and it took 5 hours to make. It came out awesome but I have a few ideas for the next one, as far as the animal sizes and 
placements, otherwise I love it. 

Tree of Life Mezuzah Cover

Not glazed yet.

Ballerina Bear Mezuzah Cover

Kids Sports Mezuzah Cover
Baseball, Hockey, Basket Ball, Soccer, and Football


WIZARD OF OZ Mezuzah Cover

Scare Crow, lion, tin man, toto, dorothy, good witch glenda, bad witch, flying monkey, emerald city, yellow brick road, and orange poppies

I made a light switch plate 2 years ago, so I used the layout, then I drew a picture of the mezuzah, and in the end I still put 6 hours into this one. 

Flip Flop Mezuzah Cover

custom order flipflop mezuzah cover to match a mail box, the customer will be putting the mezuzah on there arbor by the mail box

This is the 5th time Ive made this but the size request was for a smaller one, so this is 4.5 x 1.5





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