2015 /2016

I will try to find more picture! 
I think after awhile the novelty of sharing your set up with others wears off and you forget to take pictures, sorry :)

I am still doing shows, about 3-4 a year 2015 and 2016, only in Georgia. 
Even though I live in South Carolina I do not do local shows. 
The Atlanta area and the Judaic population like me best :)


September 2016 Marrietta, Georgia
I only brought Judaic items, plus doorbells and flushers (not in the pictures).


Acworth Georgia 2014 
First time using 2 tents at an out door show.

Notice the wet pavement :( always rains but this year since we 
have more room we are completely in our booth with no need to drop the 
front wall or move things further inside AND we have a GUTTER! I purchased 
it from Sam<s Club online for $8.00!  It is made of the same material as the roof, 
and it seemed and tapered to collect the rain between the two booths and drain 
behind the tent. It has grommets holes and bundgys with balls the loop  around the
 inside from of each tent. Very awesome :) We also use  POOL NOODLES in the 
corners of our booth to keep the material taunt in the corners to help the water 
roll off the tent and not puddle on top and run off at random down pours.

Two spaces at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.
We are too big for one space this year - my stuff displays better
in one long line where more customers can come in and see everything
without looking to the side or getting trapped by baby strollers etc.
And we have hidden storage napping eating space behind the curtain!


Yellow Daisy Festival
Stone Mountain Park Georgia

Bring ANT spray! Newbies go in the forest A loop :)


Kiosk in Citadel Mall december 2012
Not an adventure I would repeat, I did not belong there and I did not make my
"introductory" offer booth fee. Apparently it is ALOT more after your first time.
However I love the kiosk, the set up was very fun, you pick the shelves and risers you 
want and the shelves pull out to reveal lots of deep storage drawers. 
The grid wall is mine. And I had new signs made.

Charleston Market Craftmans Classic Gilmore Show Nov? 2012
This is a space and a half 10x15

Myrtle Beach Craftman's Classic Gilmore indoor show August 2012
These are my new indoor pipe and drape set up for a 10x10 space. 
For an indoor show this is too small, 
you need a space and a half to spread out, so I board more pieces to the set.


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