Handmade from polymer clay. NO PAINTS USED.
I make all of my own "canes" to decorate the metal doorbells and bake them in my oven.
I love custom orders and can match a house color theme if you send me a good quality picture.

To place an order email:  
(Please check your Spam folders for my response)  or call me 843-817-0258

If you are interested in a doorbell, please email me
and tell me what color or colors you are interested or what color on your home you would like to match.
I will pick out from my current and ever changing inventory any I think apply and send 
you a picture to choose from. I have between 70-100 in stock :)
Most of my doorbells are made from scrap clay from other projects.
Some are made from current in stock "cane" patterns. As I use the end of a "cane" I can recreate 
the color combo but the pattern always comes out different. Most of these are one of a kind as 
I can never seem to exactly match a previous one :) I am more than willing to make a custom doorbell, 
mixing specific colors of your preference. These are all hard wired lighted buttons.
I can not do battery operated doorbells, they are all plastic and will melt in the oven :( Sorry!

Doorbell display at Yellow Daisy Festival
Georgia September 2013

Funky eclectic unique one of a kind handmade
 doorbells covered in polymer clay

Blue Flowers, Pastel mixtures, pink, 
red white blue and green

Doorbells 10-2013
Blue and Green mixtures, gold and metallic tones, wood grains

Doorbells - Lighted - wired to your home
Peacock colored - pearly metallic
Purple, Turquoise Blue, White, Copper, and Green

doorbells 10-2013
Dark green, burgundy, fluorescent, browns

Bright Flower "cane" Doorbell
I recombined the flower canes and left out 
the gold one and the dark red flower, now it looks 
much fresher and brighter.

Grey and White Swirl Marbled
 Teal Blue Green Swirl Marbled

Lots of new polymer clay covered metal lighted Doorbells:
Red flowers, red retro cane, 
and a red marbled scrap clay;
Rainbow cane long ways and short direction; a new 
combo of target canes in purple, yellow, blue, and orange; 
a scrap clay turquoise, shades of purple, lavender, fuchsia;
and a black background dark flower cane 
and the scraps from that one in a marbled black multicolor.

The light switch plates came out so nice with the
swirl texture on them that I thought I'd try it on the 
doorbells. They came out nicely - these have different
metallic colors in the circles or the "cane" I used and 
pushing the texture plate into it shows the colors 
layers  nicely.

New Flower canes for 2013 - Mutli colored cane - 
different color flower canes, black and white flower 
canes, red flower canes.

These are the large flower canes I made to create the 
multi flower cane. I also added a gold multicolored 
darkish cane that I do not have anymore of. I think the 
above combo would work better with out that 
odd dark flower. 




Black and White Flower "canes" that were reduced 
to tiny little flowers for the doorbell covering.. The flowers were made from black and white petal canes that were reduced 
to make the petals for the whole flowers. The petals were 
also used to make cabinet knobs.

Teal Retro cane, Gold Silver copper pearl retro cane, 
multi pearl colors fuchsia teal gold retro cane, shades 
of grey retro cane, and tropical pink fluorescent pink 
teal retro cane.

New Door Bells August-2012

New Retro Canes 08-2012

New Door Bells 05-2012

Doorbells covered in polymer clay.
Lighted button - just hook your existing copper lines to the back screws.
"Retro Cane" pattern = red, blue, green, metallic (silver, copper, gold), black, silver and white
Custom orders welcome - what's your house color?

Polymer clay Millefiori Flower Cane Doorbell.
Lighted button - just hook your existing copper lines to the back screws.



Cat plant pokes for a pet shop custom order

Dove Plant Poke in Red Flowers - cut flowers in bathroom.

Plant Pokes - dove, cardinal, sun, lizard, blue bird, 
purple bird, butterfly, and pink ribbon in outside potted plant.

Plant Pokes on guitar Bench. I bought the guitar bird house at a craft show :)

Plant Pokes in green plant.


To place an order email:  
(Please check your Spam folders for my response)  or call me 843-817-0258