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To place an order email: michellemathis@claycreationsbymichelle.com  
(Please check your Spam folders for my response)  or call me 843-817-0258

super Mario and Cloud Ceiling Fan set
custom order

Snow Cone Slushy Ceiling Fan Pulls
custom oder

Pink and Grey Chevron Elephants Ceiling Fan Pulls
custom order

Jungle Jill Giraffe and Monkey Ceiling Fan Pulls

Pink Bird Ceiling Fan Pulls

Fire Truck and Police Car Ceiling 
Fan Pulls Custom to match comforter

Pink Moon and Stars
Ceiling Fan Pulls

Chevron, polka dots, Giraffe, Elephant
Ceiling Fan Pulls

Alligator Ceiling Fan Pulls

Aviator Puppy ornament and airplanes to match comforter

moose and bear fan pulls for a cabin

New Mallard Duck Fan Pulls

Sunflowers in different sizes, the customer selected the smaller 2

Otter - boy and girl, from Finding Dori

African Grey Parrot


Lime, Lemon, Orange "cane" Slices

Sea Turtles using my retro "canes" - teal and metallic

Double sided white daisy 

Custom Ostrich Ceiling Fan pull to look like the 
painting here by the customer. He looks like he belongs 
on sesame street doesn't he? I tried to make a funky
Ostrich egg as his pair but it came out more like a 
Van Gogh egg.

Peek-a-Bpp Monster Ceiling fan pulls - 
tooth and blue bubble thingy and 
Baby First Christmas Green Striped Monster

Custom Green Dirt Bike - this gets a wire body built 
for structure and stability and for daily use and 
abuse so it takes longer to make plus all the details.


So one of my customers bought 3 brown owns 
and texts me one evening and says she wants 3 cream 
owls. I googled white owls and thought in terms of them 
hiding in the snow but using cream color and I mixed 
pearl white, tan, and translucent together for texture 
and variation. She was very happy and then explained 
the brown ones are for the fan and the cream ones will be 
for the light bulb control. 

Custom Elephants pink and grey to match a clock


Someone liked a previous custom Kite order 
and requested 4 in girlie colors!


Italian themed pulls Grapes, Wine bottle, and Rialto Bridge

Custom Guitars

Minion Steve

NYC New York City Themed baby room
Taxi Cab and Street Light Ceiling Fan Pulls

Sea Babies by NOJO ceiling fan pulls
Octopus and Sea Turtle

This is actually a Christmas ornament - 
Little Drummer Boy

Lollipop Jungle by Llambs and Ivy Giraffe and Alligator

Lollipop Jungle by Llambs and Ivy Giraffe and Alligator

Jungle Buddies by Bedtime Originals

Red Train Engine and Navy Blue Caboose or Train Car

Flamingo Ceiling Fan Pull

Hippo Ceiling Fan Pull

Cannon Camera Ceiling Fan Pull

New Dinosaur Ceiling Fan Pulls
T-Rex and 

Banana Bunch Ceiling Fan Pull

Based on the kids bedding set Jungle Buddies 
but using my version of the animals

Moose and Bear fan pulls and matching
wall art with glow in the dark stars and moon

Sea turtle matching a wall painting for a return customer

"Frozen" movie themed fan pulls: 
the fuchsia flower and a white snow flake

Base for the St. Bernard dog custom order. I have 
learned to make my custom orders and figurines 
layer by layer so they do not crack.

Ducks Unlimited 

Light Pink and Candy Pink Roses

Teammates by Bedtime Originals
Hippo with a football
Elephant with a soccer ball

Kite ceiling fan pulls with polka dot bows on colored
ribbons. The kites match a bedding quilt kite with beach 
balls on it and a wall art kite with stars on it. The curtain 
has polka dot, striped, and checkered flags on it. 
All were made by a Grandmother for a room for her 
grandkids who are 3 and 5 yrs old.


Flower Ceiling Fan Pulls to match 
Sweet Potato LuLu bedding set by Glenna Jean
Look on the light switch plate page for the matching plate

Custom order Bass Guitar, 
Bass Clef Ceiling Fan Pull
Music notes and Banjo Light Switch Plate. 
The blue matches the sofa set colors.


Organic elephants to match a bedding set custom made by Etsy seller: HudsonBedford




Butterfly and Daisy Ceiling Fan Pulls
Rose, red, pink, burgundy retro cane
Samples made to match a customers rug and sofa, 
she selected the middle

Custom order - Blue light house,
Retro Turtles in teal and turquoise,
Teal Hibiscus, and sand dollar

Custom order - Pelican

HOCKEY puck and stick 
Ceiling fan pulls

Rail Road Crossing Fan pull to match 
the Train Pull and Switch Plates

Tropical Garden Baby Bedding by Carter
Toucan and Turtle Fan Pulls

Camel and Pyramid for a boys 
Egyptian themed room.


He's not a fan pull but could be!
Custom order to match the previous orders 
for monster switch plate, plugs, and pulls. 
Request for matching Baby's first ornament :)

Jungle Tales Collection by NoJo
crib bedding set matching ceiling fan pulls
and night light

Jungle Jill by Carter
Pink Zebra and Green Elephant

Tennis racket ceiling fan pull

Dirt Bike Ceiling Fan Pull

Globe Earth Fan Pull

Doctor scrubs needle and stethoscope 

Cat fan pulls for a custom order All Cat shop

Custom order Toucan and Monkey from a Quilt

Custom Order Moose and Bear

Jungle Buddies Zebra and Tiger

Custom Order Red Jeeps

Jake and Hook Pirates

Backside of Banjo

Gift for a retiring co-worker
Banjo and Pick
I know it is the wrong kind of pick for a banjo, but the finger
 thing would not be a durable fan pull lol nor could we put 
words on it


Crab Madras Custom Order Switch Plate and Fan Pulls
Red Crab and Blue Crab Pulls, with the green crab on the plate.

More sand dollar stock! They all come out different each time :)

Brown and Tan Horses
Black and Silver Horses
Equestrian Saddle  Pony

Flourescent Rainbox

Daisy Daisies Flowers Yellow Purple Lavender

Blue Pink Mauve Magenta White Orange Lavender Purple
Plum Fuchsia 

Ballerina Ballet Shoes and Tutu

Calico and Orange Cats

I am getting faster at making these Giraffes.
But why do they keep looking at me like that??

New Brown Sea Turtles - find them and matching 
Light Switch Plates on my Etsy sight

New Butterfly Ceiling Fan Pulls 07-2013

New Lemon and Lime Cane Ceiling Fan Pulls

Pirate Ship, Sword, Pirate Patch
Skull and Cross bones

New Soccer ball design 07-2013

Surf Boards 07-2013
Green, Blue, Red, Rainbow, 
Fluorescent, Black n White

Peace Signs 07-2013
Pastel, Fluorescent, and 
primary Rainbow colors

Black and Blue, Police Ribbon Ceiling Fan Pull
Law Enforcement Awareness Ribbon
Matches Police Switch Plates 

New Teddy Bears - Brown, Hazel, and Ecru
Aren't those faces adorable?!


Custom Order 12 Ceiling Fan Pulls for a Pet shop in CA

New Fire Hydrant Ceiling Fan Pull

Parrot Ceiling Fan Pull

Goldfish Ceiling Fan Pull

Mouse / Rat Ceiling Fan Pull

Hamster Ceiling Fan Pull

Corn Snake Ceiling Fan Pull

Rabbit Ceiling Fan Pull

Pinwheel Flower Ceiling Fan Pull
Pink, Lavender / Purple, Orange,
Dark Blue and Light Blue, Fuchsia, Yellow

Pear and Apple Ceiling Fan Pull

3D Flower Ceiling Fan Pull
Dark Blue and Light Blue Flower
with yellow centers
Mauve / Red Flower and blue center

Daisy Ceiling Fan Pull
Fuchsia, Orange, White, Light Blue, Pink
Green Leaf Backing

Custom order Pink Horse Ceiling Fan Pull

Chicken or Hen? Rooster or Turkey? 
I do know for sure I made a cow...but the other two are 
up to your interpretation :)

Custom order for Peek A Boo Monster bedding and the Chevron comforter.


Chevron - grey zig zag atripe pattern comforter, monster sheets, and monsters on the wall by the name.

Custom order Dog ceiling fan pull.
Meet Bella, she is a 3? (or 4? I forgot) year old Labradoodle.

Leaf Pod Ceiling fan pulls made from Leaf Canes made by me.

New matching plates for Bumble Bee fan pulls

A pink girly version of my ladybug plates.

New Sea Shell and Sand Dollar Fan Pulls

Sea Turtles in water! Each plate is made from the same cane, 
the pattern i just stretched out more or marbled scraps were used.

New Sea Turtles, realistic browns and greens. 

Tropical Cane Flip Flops and Guitar Fan Pulls
Turquoise, Green, and Blue Cane Guitars
 and Pink and Purple Cane Guitar

New Tropical color canes, custom request for a key chain.
 Hot Pinks, turquoises, Fluorescent Yellow, Lime Green, Fuchsia

Custom order Green Crab and 
Blue and Green Sailboat ceiling fan pulls


Handyman Carpenter Tool ceiling fan pulls
Hammer, Screw Driver, Wrench, Saw

Teddy Bear Ceiling Fan Pull
New Design 05-2012

Planet Saturn ceiling fan pull
Rocket Ship ceiling fan pull

Music Notes, music sheet, drum, 
keyboard, piano ceiling fan pulls

Bear Cub, Forest Theme kids room

Bear Cub, Forest Theme kids room

Maks & Bianca - replicas of my mothers cats - 
Christmas gift :) Bianca has one blue eye and 
one green so I used Swartzy crystals

Princess Crown and Wand Fan Pulls and 
matching light switch plates

 Police Car

Soft Ball

Cats silver marbled black brown

Cats white gold brown

Pink Ribbon

Bass Fish

Nautica Kids Zachary baby bed set
Fan pull Boats and Light Switch plates

Mallard Duck Ceiling Fan Pull

Cow and Chicken / Hen Ceiling Fan Pull
Farm Animals

Surf Board Ceiling fan pulls

Surfing Critters - I couldn't resist the picture, 
they were all hanging out on my work table waiting to 
be put in there storage bins and they jumped on the boards!

SOHO Train Children's Bedroom Set
Train and Star Ceiling fan pulls
I love custom orders!
The plated trains match the cars on the 


Carter Safari Sky Children's Bedroom set.
Giraffe and Elephant Ceiling fan pulls
I can match anything - Try Me!

Sunflower Ceiling fan pulls. 
These came after the custom order Sunflower 
Napkin Holder I made for a co-worker. I had some left 
over flowers from experimenting with the sizes and 
decided they were so pretty I'd make more. The petals 
are a spiral cane of different shades of blended yellows 
and orange. See the napkin ring / salt and pepper shaker 
page for the napkin holder. 

I've been asked if I have Deer Ceiling fan pulls 
and I worry about making fan pull with pointy appendages 
that would break off with use. So my solution is the 
Browning Deer Silhouette.

New "Cane" pattern Flip Flop 
ceiling fan pulls 2012

New Sea Turtle Style for 2012
Sea Turtle Ceiling Fan Pull

Piano Keys, Keyboard, Drum Ceiling Fan Pulls
Black and White Musical Instruments
New Design 06-2012

Dinosaurs new 06-2012, 
seems each one comes out different 
even when I have one in front of me to look at. 

Train Ceiling Fan Pull, Primary colors 
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.
Locomotive, Choochoo!
New design 06-06-2012

Bird Collection: Red Cardinal, 
Blue Bird, Yellow Rubber Duck Duckie 
Quack Quack!, and White Dove
(Cardinal and Duck New Design 06-2012)

Baseball and Bat Ceiling Fan Pulla


Blue Crab Ceiling Fan Pull
New Design 05-2012


This is a picture of
 the blue crab baby
 crib sheet set I made
 matching fan pulls

Two Tone Crabs


Sailor Bear Bedroom Set - 
2 matching Ceiling Fan Pulls 
and a Switch Plate

Red Cement Truck and 
Yellow Bull Dozer Ceiling Fan Pull
Custom order for a 
"construction" themed play room.

Dog Bone Ceiling Fan Pull

Lady Bug Ceiling Fan Pull

New fan pulls so far this year: Elephant and giraffe

Giraffe and Hippo Custom order Ceiling Fan Pulls

Giraffe and Elephant Ceiling Fan Pull

Cello and Violin Ornaments for my husbands
 guitar instructor whose family complains about
 too many guitars on the tree and no violins or
 cellos. These can be made as fan pulls as well.
And I learned aside from the size difference the only 
other differences are the chin rest on the
 violin and the stand/metal rod that comes out the
 bottom of the cello.

Cello and Violin ornaments - 
back side year and my initials.

Volleyball fan pulls made for the 
Youth Pastor of my church :)

Cat fish ceiling fan pulls, pig magnets


Life Saver, Sailboat, and Anchor Fan Pull

Yellow bird Canary, Blue bird Jay

Fire Truck and John Deere Tractor Ceiling Fan Pulls

Skull and Crossbones Pirate Patch Ceiling fan pull

Paint Palette and Paint Brush fan pulls

Polymer Clay Handmade Owl Ceiling Fan Pull

Theater mask / drama symbol fan pulls

Polymer Clay Handmade Light House Ceiling Fan Pull

Polymer Clay Handmade Magnolia Ceiling Fan Pull

Polymer Clay Handmade Dove / Bird Ceiling Fan Pul

Polymer Clay Handmade Flying Pigs Ceiling Fan Pull

Flying Pig Demo

Polymer Clay Handmade Pineapples and Palm Trees
Ceiling Fan Pulls

Polymer Clay Handmade Soccer Ball, Football, 
and Basket Ball Ceiling Fan Pull

Batman and Robin

Polymer Clay Handmade Dog Ceiling Fan Pull

Polymer Clay Handmade "cane fabric sheet cut out" 
FlipFlop Ceiling Fan Pull

new january 2010 : cross, flip flops, pineapples, and flying pigs
email me for your very own michellemathis@claycreationsbymichelle.com

This is a new cane for my pineapples, 
I don't make large canes, so I had enough for 
9 pineapple fan pulls. I will make another one soon.
 Building stock for the Flowertown Azalea Festival 
in March 2010 :)

Polymer Clay Handmade "cane fabric sheet cut out" 
FlipFlop Ceiling Fan Pull

These guys were a custom order/request from my co-workers. 
There really is a sponge bob pink pants!



To place an order email: michellemathis@claycreationsbymichelle.com 
(Please check your Spam folders for my response) or call me 843-817-0258



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