Business Card SOFAS
(custom orders welcome)

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News Producer Robin Cross custom business 
card holder card holder



This Weber Grill replica Card holder went to ALASKA!

Steele Grillz BBQ Sauce 

Male Diva card holder with Vintage Barber chair

Prepping for my Male Diva and the chair seat and attachments.
These next pictures show the multiple phases of baking and 
building that go into the larger card holders

He is too short! Or the seat is too big! But I do not want to remake the seat :( The easier fix was to make him taller by cutting off his feet and extending his body and putting feet back on.


No face yet - that always comes last!
Wires coming out of the baked arms in the shape on 
the foot rest that will be attached.

No face yet! And notice his shoes are purple....well 
when the mom finally responded to my email she wanted 
blue so carved off the purple and changed it to blue :)

Final product: Male Diva card holder with Vintage Barber 
chair from the young man's shop. I used different tools for the 
filigree look, and wire in the arms and sides to hold it 
all together!

Finished! Back side.

My first jewelry card holder and my first VANITY....what was I thinking with all those bracelets?!
Jewelry Diva 
Business Card Holder

Welcome to


Cymande Ford

Ms Angela (the white and pink sofa) has had her sofa for a few years
and ordered a new one for a co-worker in shades of blue. 2016
I is always fun to see how my technique changes. I tend to make bigger sofas 
now and chunkier accessories but knowing she had a smaller version 
I tried to make it close to hers.

Pharmacy Business Card holder

Barber Sofa new design 12-2015
w/ Electric razor and cord instead of Straight razor


Insurance Business Card Holder - home, life
car under the umbrella

Custom card holder for 2 young
ladies with a snow cone business!

Custom Cosmetology Business Card Holder.
Requests included - purple dress, pleasantly plump, zebra striped, 
and two pictures were given. One was the tools on her work 
station which included one lone orange one in a lot of black and silver, 
the dryer is different than my "normal" dryer on my other holder as
 it matches hers. She also requested the Marcel Hot  Iron. 
This was first time doing "braided" and glasses. 
The other picture was the head shot in next box --->  

I make the bench, wall and seat first so she has a place to sit 
while I build her and the seat and other pieces do not get squashed. 
The over all process is several days and several baking sessions.

Back of Khristy's Diva

Kristy's Diva glazed. The rhinestones get glues on last - 
since the glue can not be backed in the oven......yes I have done 
it by accident and it bubbles out of the space behind the gem, 
hardens, and ruins your project!

Kristy's Diva, before glazing. The color is this pretty purple. 
Once I glaze it and then add the bling taking pictures causes a 
lot of reflection and I can not seem to adjust the camera 
settings correctly so the color looks darker,
but the dress is still this pretty purple.

Dental Technician or Dentist Business Card Holder - Tooth, tooth paste, new larger tools with metal hooks, dental floss, name along the back of the sofa above cards and a small tooth in the same color, and a large toothbrush refillable ink pen in a cup holder attached to the back.

Don't be creeped out by this one, but I have learned to start with a basic head shape and bake it then build upwards. This is so that as I am building, shaping, and carving I do not squash the head in and deform the diva in my frustrations :)

Nail Technician Business Card Holder - nail polish and tools on the bench and back of sofa

Cosmetology Business Card Holder with as much Bling as possible!

Eyebrow Technician Business Card Holder - Eyes, lashes, and eyebrows above the cards and on the bench tools - tweezers, Wax, wood sticks, scissors, brushes.

Customer Barber Shop Card Holder with Logo cut out above the card.

Business card holder made for an arts and crafts type 
Artists who makes poster cards and banners of kids names.

Another truck sofa for my Canadian fan club, 
one of the ladies got a new truck :)

Custom order business card hold to match the salon colors: green cabinets, black sink, brown base, mirror wall art. 
Marcel curling iron, hydraulic chair. 

Custom order business card holder for a barber shop with a large barber poll and vintage barber tools on his shirt like the shop uniform and capes.  

Leopard Print Nail Technician Business Card 
Sofa and Built in Pen Set.

Set #3 for my Canadian Customer :)


Lime Green Nail Technician Business Card Holder 

Return customer - more camper trailer sofas, all there 
other employees at the Canadian RV company wanted their
own....make 3 more next week

Custom Order - 
Black Diva Beautician / Cosmetologist / Salon 
Business Card Holder
Red dryer, comb, pic, mirror, and curling iron.
Black dress with silver jewelry, rhinestone / bling 
accents and accessories.
Large silver scissors with rhinestone / bling 
next to salon chair containing DIVA stylist.

Business Card holders customized to match 
personal vehicle / trucks

Business Card holder customized for a Camp Tent Trailer
salesman in Canada. He requested camper roasting marshmellows
over a camp fire by a "flagstaff" camper tent.

Business Card holder personalized with name, eye glasses,
brunette hair, and convertible blue car

Business Card holder for a customer in Canada - 
she was very please and sent me the 
above 4 - truck x2, convertible, and camper sofa 
orders for co-workers and spouses


Custom order Pen collection for a Cosmetologist
Curling Iron Pens, Round Brush pens, 
Accessories Pen w/ 
mirror, scissors, blow dryer, and comb

Custom business card sofa - Barber Social Club LOGO

Custom order for a "pleasantly plump" black diva. 
Purple and turquoise, rhinestone bling, comb,
blow dryer, curling iron, and mirror.

Custom order to add Lipstick and 
name to my original design.
This raises the wigs up too.

Cosmetology Business Card Sofa "sold"
Pink dryer with white polka dots, pink curling iron "bic" refillable pen
sits in a well behind the sofa.
Check my etsy for availability or email me for a custom order.

Custom Cosmetology Business Card Sofa
with Curling Iron Pen included - the pen sits in a well 
attached the the back of the sofa.
Pink and Purple accessories - mirror, scissors, brush,
comb, and purple dryer with white polka dots.

The Teeny Tiny Farm was a custom order 
for a traveling petting zoo in Virginia.

Custom Barber shop card holder 

NEW DESIGN! created December2013

Cosmetology Business Card Sofa with attached 
Curling Iron Pen

Back side - attached pen cup.
(even if someone "borrows" your pen and you
 never see it again!, 
you can fit 2 regular pen/pencils in the cup)
Cosmetology Business Card Sofa with attached Curling Iron Pen

Cosmetology Business Card Sofa with attached Curling Iron Pen

COMPLETELY customizable. Colors, name, hair pieces / wigs, 
curling iron color, dryer with or with out polka dots, with or 
without "bling" etc.


Cat Business Card Sofa - orange, grey / silver, calico, black, and white

Lawyer business Card Sofa. Judicial Wig, Golf, Baseball, 
Gavel Law Books, Scales of Justice, Coffee, Tie
The "z' is backwards and had to be fixed!

Lady bug L-Shaped card holder

Another version of the pink, purple, green, 
teal beauty black on dryer, slightly different hair pieces.

Custom order for a Pharmacist Doctor Sofa Card holder
Manual blood pressure cuff in pink, stethoscope in pink,
 and personalized name in pink with bling rhinestone accent.
Gone Fishing Sofa Card holder with rod and reel, 
fishing tool tackle box,
and a fish eating the string, personalized with name 
and fish hook accents.

Coffee cup Sofa card holder - java, mocha, latte, espresso,
 whipped, cream, or straight black?
I prefer a SF Vanilla Skinny Latte Large but 
only 1 shot of espresso in it :)

Cosmetology Sofa 
Pink, Fuchsia, Wasabie (the color of clay used for brush), 
turquoise comb

Cosmetology Sofa - 
Pink Dryer with white polka dots - custom request.


Custom order card holder for a Hair Dresser who likes zebras, 
purple, pink, turquoise, and BLING., 


Purple zebra striped business card cosmetology hair dresser 
sofa with out the bling.

BARBER Business Card Sofa - barber pole, scissors, 
shaving brush, comb, and straight razor

Cosmetology business Card Sofa - purple and lavender shades.

Nail Tech Sofas, red and black, and purple and hot pink

Cosmetology Sofa - turquoise and fuchsiacolors

Customer did not want the girl,
just a chair and the scissors.

Lady Bug Business Card Holder

Cosmetology Business Card Holder
Hair dryer, scissors, mirror, wigs, comb, brush

Custom Ordered Business Card Holder for a Jewish Day School. 
The request was for 2 kids sitting in desks with books.
Added details requested was the school uniform specific for boys and girls, the kippa for the boy, 
and the crest for the shirts. The artist in me found pictures of children playing at school and locked in on one girl's pink 
high tops and decided my girl needed pink sneakers :) I made the pretty crest blue color symmetrical in the design 
by adding it to the kippa and to the girls hair bow. This came out very awesome and the customers response:
 "OMG AMAZING - I LOVE IT!  It is everything I wanted. Thank you!"

I borrowed this picture from the websites photo gallery. 
See the pink shoes?! I love them :)

 I always draw up an initial draft for custom orders so we are on the same page. 
As I start working with the clay sizes and proportions change to fit the space I 
have to work with. This went from a stack of books to one oversized book -
 it mays my work more whimsical and the details easier to see and enjoy.

Nail Technician Business Card Holder Sofa with Mannequin Hand 
and Red Nail Polish, Nail Polish Bottle with spilled Red polish, Nail File, 
Clippers, and Nail Brush

This was a custom order for 200 guitar place card / name card holders. 
These can be used as photo holder / note holders etc. Great keep sake / gift 
for guests to any event.

200 Guitars !!! I misquoted the shipping and ended up eatting the $50 extra, 
lesson learned. Based on weight of the clay and size of boxes required to 
wrap these carefully and package safely I could not used prepaid boxes. 
Future orders this large will come with a disclaimer that shipping will be 
quote after order is completed and not shipped till paid.

Custom order for 18 Business Card Holders to fit bookmark size business cards.

Dr. Greg Osborne 
Phone: (205) 870-5321
Gardendale / Mountain Brook / Pell City in ALABAMA

This is a custom order completed 08-25-11 for a Child Psychotherapist. 
She wanted a child and a teddy bear, and once we worked out the details 
this is what I came up with :) Blue jeans, yellow shirt, converse tennis shoes, 
ball cap, crayons, and a story book.

What can I make for you?

Horse and Fence Card Holder

She liked the red sofa so much she ordered a blue one for a colleague that uses Chess and Legos to work with children.

Plumber Card Holder for Owner of Delk Plumbing SC

Pastry Chef Card holder made to match cakes and pastries she made. Beehive Cake, Anniversary Cake with Doves on Top, and lots of goodies - banana bread, cupcake, mini bunt cake, cookies, and rice crispy balls

Doctors Sofas

Hawg Wild BBQ and Catfish card holder - one Sofa and one upright Pig.

Printing Press Card Holder
Don Valentine & Teresa Vaughn, located in Boyertown, Pennsylvania
Email :      Phone: 484-300-2323
These custom made Hawaiian Themed Golf Business card Sofas 
are now in their new home:
Kauai Mini Golf and Botanical Gardens
 located on Kauai's North Shore - one of the main Hawaiian Islands
5-2723 Kuhio Highway, Kilauea    (808) 828-2118
General Manager: Michael Kaplan



Photographer Business Card Sofa

Realtor Business Card Sofa

Lawyer, Professor, Scolar etc 
Books and Breifcase Card Sofa

Guitar Business Card Holder

Florist Business Card Holder


Cake Business Card Holder - 
0n display at Sweet Smith Bakery in West Ashley
(I love their Southern Pound cake - take a slice to go !)


Golf Business Card Holder - golf clubs, golf balls, 
on a "golf green" sofa


Dentist/ Orthodontist Business Card Holder - 
tooth, tooth brush, dental tools, pick, mirror, 
and tooth paste


Beauty Salon Business Card Hold - nail polish, nail file, clippers, 
scissors, buffer, and brush.


Doctor / Physician Business Card Holder - 
black doctor's bag, pill bottle, pills, stethoscope, 
Caduceus, and band aide.

I thought maybe men wouldn't go for the girly pillows so I had even more fun making these!
Cats, baseball, Wii, Cheeseburger and fries, Turtles, Guitars, Poker chips, Dice, Laptop and Mouse, Coffee Bar, Fishing, Golfing, and Handyman Business Card Sofas.
These are sooo much fun! I have lots of "canes" to choose from for pillows.

Business Card Sofas


To place an order email: 
(Please check your Spam folders for my response) or call me 843-817-0258